How to apply OUTSTAFFING on a trial period

Often, we are approached by companies that do not want to immediately introduce a new unit in the staff list and hire a person to the staff, they want to check the new employee for compliance with the position profile. For such companies, we offer to use the outstaffing service for a trial period. It is better to test a new employee without introducing him immediately to the staff.

Outstaffing provides:

  • Opportunity to attract to work in the company a team significantly exceeding the "head count";
  • The possibility of recruiting employees for seasonal projects, substitution during illness or maternity leave;
  • Elimination of legal problems and risks associated with the passage of a probationary period, hiring and dismissal of employees, which makes it possible to keep the honest name of the company away from unnecessary proceedings.

The outstaffing service frees the top manager of the customer company, allowing him to ensure the implementation of the planned sales growth in the face of severe staffing restrictions. Outstaffing provides the customer with the freedom to make the necessary decisions.