Audit of personnel documentation

An independent personnel audit is a comprehensive audit of the processes and documents of the personnel department for compliance with the norms of legislation and records management. Unlike internal audit, which is authorized by a company employee, external or independent audit is entrusted to outside specialists - HR auditors or profile agencies.

This service is essentially the "younger sister" of the accounting audit and should not be underestimated, because an independent audit will help to identify defects in time and eliminate the risks of claims, labor disputes and possible fines.

What checks personnel audit?
Personnel processes of the company (algorithms for document circulation and archiving of personnel documentation);
the correctness of registration of admission and dismissal of employees (applications, workbooks, contracts, etc.);
Correctness of personnel accounting documents (orders, staff schedules, time sheets, job descriptions, personal cards, etc.)
As a result of an independent audit violations of labor legislation are revealed, an expert evaluation of personnel processes and document circulation with indication of potential risks is made, and recommendations for correcting defects are issued.

Reconstruction of the workflow is being carried out.

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