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GP Group has extensive expertise and experience in implementing projects for outsourcing HR functions in various industries.                 

Our mission: we help large businesses operating in Ukraine to conduct business, organize personnel management processes as efficiently as possible.      

The company takes an active social position.

The main stages of development of our Company:
— 2017 y.—
The arrival in the company of strategic investors with a successful and long experience in the capitals of Eastern European countries in the field of outsourcing and outstaffing staff.
—2011 y. —
Creation and promotion of the social project Center for Monitoring of the Labor Market
—2008 y. —
Establishment of the Department for Market Research of Candidates. Staff Leasing - expansion of the Project portfolio in the area of mass specialties.
—2004 y. —
An extensive examination of the execution of projects on both service lines has been accumulated, the recruiting unit is absorbed by Ward Howell International, the leasing unit has a distinct specialization in servicing foreign representations. The company was renamed into GP Group.
—1999 y. —
The company created the Grand Staff, the adaptation of the best world practices to use in the Ukrainian market, services: Recruitment (management selection) and Staff leasing / Outstaffing.
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