Market research of potential candidates

Candidate Market Research is the outsourcing of business processes related to breeding at the stage of applying to the open market for candidates. When an incredible amount of routine is performed, and from an avalanche of incoming information, it is necessary to select specialists who meet formalized criteria.

The Ukrainian labor market, like markets in any other geography, has incredible mobility - professionals develop, change their place of residence and place of work, undergo training and acquire new knowledge, change compensation expectations and change motives.

The search and selection process is largely selective in nature. It is only at the last stages of the recruiting procedures that the pool of finalists is determined, with whom interviews take place, for accurate qualification and motivation for taking up the position. But the quality of the pool of successful candidates depends on routine selection.

Recruiters, both external and internal, are limited in resources, the accuracy of industry expertise, and the ability to select candidates from databases or within their network. But their task is always the same: to select, motivate and hire the very Candidate - one, the best, among all the diversity on the market, who would meet all the requirements, would be successful in the hiring organization and "fit" into the budget.

The task of the Research is to provide the recruiter with a timely, complete and accurate examination of the state of the market of professionals in a particular segment of the company's market, within the framework of the researched function. The data contains information about the compliance of potential candidates with formal and qualification criteria, motivational expectations.

The presence of a full and objective examination of all professionals within the given field of research
Absolutely transparent scheme of selection of candidates
Additional data on the market of candidates taking into account the industry, trends and forecasts.
Forming a massive external pool of candidates
High speed of information gathering
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