GP Group - 20 years of experience working for you

GP Group has been cooperating with large Ukrainian companies for 20 years. During this time, we have established clear rules for the provision of outsourcing services, and we provide outsourcing of various tasks not only for large, but also for small businesses.

Business process outsourcing is one of the types of outsourcing, in which the Customer organization transfers non-core business processes to GP Group for servicing.

How it works

You can send an application for cooperation using a special online form or by calling the phone number. Our specialists will process the application, having preliminary ideas to improve your project. During negotiations (remotely or in the office), we will offer a practical solution based on your conditions.

Having decided which format of cooperation will be productive and profitable from a financial point of view, our specialist will offer to sign an agreement. It is regulated by current regulations, we take legal responsibility for the implementation of each item.

After signing the agreement, a team of personnel is completed and brought to the workplace.

Specific results of our cooperation:

  • costs are optimized, the company's income will be increased;
  • an increase in capital and in the level of staff will open up opportunities for new projects - you are developing faster in your area;
  • qualified personnel will be organized quickly: 1-2 days;
  • the load on the accounting and personnel department will be significantly reduced - specialists are not distracted by secondary tasks;
  • legal support, consultation on current legislative norms;
  • a single contact person for the Customer and for employees.

Official cooperation is a guarantee of efficient and transparent work

GP Group solves one of the most common outsourcing problems. At the legislative level, there are not enough normative acts that regulate the process of providing services. This is used by unscrupulous companies, disclaiming responsibility for inefficient work and any violations.

The consequences are possible up to the leakage of important information. Especially for this reason, many companies are afraid to use the service.

A formal agreement with us fills a legal gap. Cooperation guarantees the company an effective result. Our employees will take over the production tasks. GP Group is an ideal tool for optimizing work, performing urgent tasks and solving strategic issues.

You can take advantage of a free consultation. Our specialist will provide recommendations regarding your case and, if necessary, tell you more about the service.

What are the differences?

The choice of service depends on the priorities of the business tasks of your company. The table shows the main features of each technology.

Outsourcing Outstaffing
1. Transfer of functions or business processes to a third-party company on the basis of a contract 1. The staff is registered with the operating agency, but works in your company
2. Personnel accounting, accounting, marketing, lawyers, document management, dedicated projects 2. Any specialists
3. The outsourcer is responsible for execution control and responsibility for the result 3. More freedom and control in the use of labor resources
4. More expensive, takes more time 4. Cheaper, more efficient
This service has significant advantages:
optimization of costs (organizational and financial);
in a few days and on favorable terms for you, qualified personnel will be selected;
absence of additional personnel and accounting load;
legal support;
decrease in the flow of line personnel from central offices;
Benefits company
Shift work organization
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