Personnel outstaffing

Personnel outstaffing is a service that will allow your company to remove personal staff from the state. This requires the dismissal of employees, after which we re-register them for our company. As a result, your employees remain in their places, are under your control. But we are their official employer.

For small and medium-sized businesses, for private entrepreneurs, it is possible to register a new employee immediately in the staff of our company and from the first day use such personnel on the territory of your company, use the personnel for your business. We will issue all personnel documents (application for admission, notification to the tax office, order for admission, employment contract, briefings, registration of a bank salary card, etc.), and you will receive an employee who will immediately begin to perform duties in your company.

Outstaffing for an Entrepreneur allows you to direct all the resources of your business to perform specific tasks and not be distracted by bureaucratic difficulties. It will also significantly reduce the cost side, increasing business income.

Today, during the period of strict inspections and heavy fines from the State Labor Service, the Outstaffing service is especially relevant for the catering and beauty salons.

Results of our cooperation

Efficient work without bureaucracy

Your company exercises full control over the employees, while you transfer financial and documentary care into the hands of the GP Group. This helps to reduce the number of staff, which contributes to a reduced burden on the accounting department. This solution is often used to legally maintain the status of a small business. For example, a Private Entrepreneur in the 2nd taxation group can conduct business with hired personnel of no more than 10 people, given that often individual entrepreneur cannot support an employee with a disability, in total he can have 7 hired employees! And if you need more employees to run your business, then the Staff Outstaffing service will be beneficial for you! And all the number of staff, which exceeds 7 people - we make out to ourselves. And you can maintain favorable tax conditions without officially increasing the number of employees.

Profit increase

By transferring your employees from the company's staff to us, you will also reduce the cost of their maintenance. For example, the expenditure side will be reduced due to social and tax deductions, wage payments.

All the focus on the primary business objectives

Solving the personnel problem will also reduce the time spent on eliminating problems with regulatory authorities. All checks on your employees will be sent to us. It will also protect you from penalties.

No staffing issues

GP Group takes on the solution of personnel problems. This includes disagreements with your employees. We will also help you maintain the stability of your company: when one or more employees are unable to complete their tasks or go on sick leave, we will promptly offer them an alternative.

This will protect you from disrupting projects or failing to complete tasks due to a lack of qualified personnel. At the same time, the cost of outstaffing has an ideal combination with the benefits of the service.
When the outstaffing service is relevant:

The service is universal and suitable for both individual entrepreneurs and large companies. Most often, outstaffing of personnel is used in such cases:
Increasing the number of employees, with the limitations of their own staffing. GP Group can deal with any vacancies you have.
Reducing the burden on own divisions in terms of saving time and resources on:
— performance of HR functions
— calculation and payment of wages
— maintenance of indirect costs for overalls and PPE
Opening a representative office;
Increasing confidentiality on remuneration of senior management;
The desire to minimize the risks of hiring low-skilled employees;
Desire to remove the flow of line staff from central offices;
Desire to optimize the taxation system;
Desire to reduce the risks of penalties;
Willingness to offset overhead costs for staff.
The scope of work performed by GP Group will depend on the agreement with you. Most often we do:
Enrollment of personnel in the state, establishing civil law relations with them;
We take care of the maintenance of the work book, as well as other documentation;
Carries out the calculation of wages, as well as its subsequent payment (strictly according to the accepted norms at the legislative level);
We deal with the necessary certificates for the staff, arrange sick leave and vacation;
we resolve conflict situations.
Company advantages
Individual approach to every customer
Transparent system of payment and remuneration
Work in the financial sector
A single contact person for the Customer and for employees
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