Outstaffing is a technology for using personnel outside the state. That is, the contracting authority does not enter into an employment relationship with employees of the agency providing outstaffing services.         

Directly hired employees carry out a list of works that are specified in the contract. A responsibility for the conduct of personnel records management, the organization of labor protection and much more are entrusted to the HR-agency.
The need for outstaffing arises when it is necessary:

Услуга универсальна и подходит как для ИП, так и для крупных компаний. Чаще всего аутстаффинг персонала применяют в таких случаях:
Increase the number of employees, with the limitations of their own staffing. GP Group can deal with any vacancies available to you.
Reducing the burden on own units in terms of saving time and resources on:
— execution of HR-functions
— accruals and payroll payments
— maintenance of indirect costs for special clothing and PPE
Opening of the representative office;
Increase of confidentiality of remuneration for top management;
Desire to minimize the risks of hiring low-skilled employees;
The desire to remove the flow of line personnel from the central offices;
Desire to optimize the taxation system;
Desire to reduce the risk of penalties;
The desire to compensate for staff overhead.
The scope of work performed by the GP Group will depend on the agreement with you. Most often we deal with:
transfer of personnel to the state, establishing civil-law relations with them;
we take care of the work book, as well as other documentation
carries out the calculation of wages, as well as its subsequent payment (strictly according to the adopted norms at the legislative level);
we are engaged in necessary certificates for the personnel, we make sick leave and leave;
we solve conflict situations.
Benefits company
Individual approach to every customer
Transparent system of payment and rewards
Work in the financial sector
Single contact person for the Customer and for employees
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