Outstaffing of construction personnel

Outstaffing of construction personnel will allow you to transfer your employees to our staff. GP Group will carry full documentary and bureaucratic responsibility for employees. At the same time, they will remain at their former workplace, performing the same functions.

The service will allow employees to be retained under their bosses, while transferring bureaucratic duties to GP Group for their maintenance. This will help to significantly reduce the costs of your company, as well as reduce the burden on the accounting department.

We will also help with the registration of a foreign person. The service is also often used to preserve the status of LLC. This on completely legal grounds allows you to enjoy all the former preferential terms, even with an increase in staff.

When the service is up-to-date
Outstaffing of construction workers is a legal process, while you rid yourself of unnecessary bureaucratic burden. Your company directs resources to achieve specific tasks, without being distracted by paper work.

As a result, the use of the service implies:

reduction in the number of employees that are assigned to your state;
personnel records management is greatly simplified;
decrease in the total wage fund;
a significant reduction in the contributions of both social and tax;
relieving the company of its obligations in the process of issuing and providing staff.
On advantages of outstaffing of construction personnel
Increases the efficiency of your company by:

the personnel department and the accounting department will have a lesser burden, getting rid of unnecessary work;
the numerous payments to the staff will be replaced by several payments from our company;
you can actively develop priority areas, since the human resource and funds will be more efficiently distributed;
from the projects for the construction of objects in the end you will get a big profit, because the expense item will be reduced.
The service is an ideal option when performing construction work. Cooperation with us will also exclude any difficulties with the controlling bodies. Work with them is carried out by our company.

We protect from penalties, help in hiring foreign personnel
State structures carry out thorough inspections of personnel, especially if there are foreign employees in the state. When violations are detected, various sanctions are imposed, which can not be dispensed with even an extract of a palpable fine. The design of employees in the GP Group eliminates such problems, and will help to channel all resources for the project.

We also help in attracting foreign employees. Their registration is complicated by working visas and other bureaucratic moments. GP Group offers a solution in this situation. You can take foreign employees out of the state, depriving yourself of additional responsibility.

We invite you to a free consultation, our specialist will help you choose an effective solution for your project.