Outstaffing of foreign workers

Outstaffing foreign workers helps to use working personnel from other countries legally, while protecting themselves from fines. This will also eliminate bureaucratic difficulties in the registration of migrants.

GP Group will conduct the withdrawal of foreign personnel from your company, having formalized it for yourself (becoming an official employer at the same time). But each of the employees will work in the same place, performing all the same functions. As well as full control and management of employees is yours.

The scheme of cooperation assumes that our company takes on the official part of registration and maintenance of foreign employees, and you at the same time use their experience and professional qualities without any hassle to work in your company.

Concrete results of our cooperation:

You will significantly reduce the cost of staff maintenance.
There is no need to extend the work visa, as well as other bureaucratic operations.
Your company will be 100% secure against penalties.
You use the professional skills of employees, and the official part (including work with regulatory bodies) lies with us.
Registration of employees takes place in compliance with the adopted legislative acts.
For whom the outstaffing of foreign personnel is relevant
We cooperate with both IP and large companies. The direction of business is also different. But there are common points at which the service is particularly relevant:

there is no desire to understand the correct execution and maintenance of personnel, tax and other accounting of foreign employees;
in your company, a specialized specialist does not work that he understands migration laws;
you want to protect yourself from penalties and liability for a foreign employee;
the desire to exclude bureaucratic difficulties in the design of foreign employees, as well as not to give the personnel department and accounting department additional workload.
All these points are easily solved due to our service. Employees will be removed for staff, while obeying the former superiors and performing the same tasks.

Increase the effectiveness of your business

The service relieves your company from inspections by public services, as well as from communications with them about issued foreign personnel. This is possible, since officially the employees will be registered in our company, and all such checks will be sent to us.

You are completely free from liability as an employer. When the company comes to the supervisory authority, it is enough to provide him with documentation, which confirms the provision of personnel from our side.

This also excludes any penalties, since in the event of any errors, our company is fully responsible. The service is an effective way of saving money, as well as working resources.

In addition, this will preserve the status of LLC. You can use our free consultation, after learning about the possible cooperation in detail.