Outsourcing of personnel administration

АУТСОOUTSOURCING OF PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION – this is the transfer of the function of maintaining personnel records of your enterprise to a service provider company.
Personnel records management is understood as an activity that documents labor relations, fixing information about the movement and availability of personnel, as a result of which personnel procedures become documented.
Almost all personnel documents have legal or commercial value. Using these documents as written evidence, any employer has the opportunity to prove his position in court, successfully pass the State Labor Inspection.

  • a small company that does not need to have its own personnel officer;
  • a large company with a variety of business areas, so you need a versatile personnel officer;
  • geographically distributed company;
  • a company that is preparing for an audit and there is a need to restore personnel documents.
GPGroupoffers several interaction options
  1. Personnel administration of the Customer's Enterprise is implemented on the basis of GP Group and is implemented on a specially modified 1C configuration: Payroll and Human Resources Management version 2.5 based on the 1C 8.3 platform, we carry out additional automation of reports and uploads at the request of the Customer.
  2. Conducting personnel administration in the database of the Customer of the service.
  3. Remote personnel records management: consultations on current personnel records, provision of documents in electronic form, travel to the territory of the Customer's Enterprise and filing documents in folders 1-2 times / month as agreed with the Customer.
  4. GP Group specialist on the territory of the Customer according to a previously agreed schedule (or by agreement): consultations on current personnel records, printing and filing signed documents on the territory of the customer, signing and familiarizing employees with documents, maintaining work books and additional services of personnel records.

GPGroupperforms separate FUNCTIONS of HR records:
  • Maintenance and accounting of work books
  • Travel administration
  • Administration of all types of holidays (or individual types)
  • Calculation of insurance experience and administration of sick leaves
  • Development and formation of job descriptions
  • Mass receptions, dismissals, changes in the terms of the employment contract
  • Preparation of certificates and copies of documents for employees
and much more according to the needs of the client.

✔ The cost of personnel services is 150.00 UAH. for 1 worker.