Outsourcing of accounting services

Outsourcing of accounting services from GP Group helps to start up all the company's resources for business development and profit increase. This is due to the transfer of all accounting tasks to our experts. The service is relevant for both sole proprietors and large companies.

For whom it is advantageous to use the service:

organizations that do not have a full-time accountant;
when the accountant is able to cope only with the tasks of processing the primary documentation;
a young company that wants to not spend extra money on professional accounting;
any organization that wants to significantly reduce the cost of reliable accounting;
Sole proprietors, that they want to direct all their forces to the development of their project, not doing routine things;
Sole proprietors, who want to protect themselves from penalties and without any nerves to undergo inspections from the controlling bodies.

At the same time, the work of our specialists is characterized by:

processing and processing of primary documentation;
personnel accounting - it is under the full control of our specialist;
work on any type of reporting, as well as their further delivery;
the process of registration of the tax invoice;
responsibility in the issue of payroll to employees;
the calculation of all articles on taxation;
carrying out of the account in bases of accounts department;
on a regular basis, the mutual tax accounting is monitored;
When there is a question with the tax service, our specialist will help to solve it directly;
the process of calculating dividends for founders;
when audited by the tax authorities, the entire process is fully supported;
rendering of consulting services.

Advantages of outsourcing accounting services

The service will help any type of business to protect itself from unnecessary bureaucracy and deal with specific tasks of the project.

The main advantages of outsourcing accounting services:

there is no need to find a qualified employee in the staff (a professional will demand a high salary, and his search often takes a lot of time.) During this time, both the productivity of the business and the money are lost.
a significant reduction in the expenditure part of the business on the maintenance of a full-time employee (for example, there is no need to spend monthly wages, pay holiday pay, and provide a social package). In addition to these costs, it will be necessary to organize a workplace, which will also be costly.
one of the main advantages: there is no situation when the accounting processing process stops due to a hospital staff member (when such a situation arises when working with us, we can always replace the employee promptly with another, which guarantees insurance and stable operation);
since a team of qualified experts will work on your cases, they always take into account the actual changes in legislation and prove effective even in the most difficult situations.

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