Reception area outsourcing

Reception area outsourcing
The Reception areais the face of your company. This is a significant component of any office, which performs a number of important administrative functions, such as distributing calls, meeting and informing guests, processing correspondence, interacting with courier and transport services.  The selection of qualified secretaries, administrators, their registration and control over the work is a rather laborious task, which also requires a lot of time. 
GPGroup outsources administrative functions, including outsourcing of the Reception area. This service includes:
  • Receiving, processing calls and distributing them across company structures,
  • Registration of visitors and documents in electronic systems,
  • Work with courier delivery and processing of correspondence,
  • Organization of meeting guests in the office,
  • Advising visitors about the sphere of activity of the company,
  • Provision of qualified front desk personnel and prompt replacements if necessary.
The organization of the work of the reception begins with an audit and evaluation of the current work of the existing staff of the reception office. Based on the results of the interview, quality standards are developed, a shift schedule for office administrators. Under these requirements, a team is provided (formalized staff in our company), a reliable resource for your reception. ​GP Group takes full responsibility for the education and training of employees, as well as quality control and further mentoring.
Benefits of working with GP Group:
  • Many years of experience and reputation in the provision of temporary staff and outsourcing of business functions,
  • Thorough audit and in-depth examination of the administrative functions of the Client,
  • Individual approach to each project,
  • Official registration of personnel, calculation / payment of wages,
  • Providing a uniform,
  • Continuous communication with the Client.
GPGroup also provides services for organizing the work of the mall information desk,
  • informing visitors about the shops and services of the mall;
  • informing and advising visitors about promotions and events held in the mall;
  • work with visitors' reviews and smoothing out conflict situations with visitors, informing the administration of the shopping center about all emergency, conflict situations;
  • processing correspondence from tenants and delivery of official documents from the Customer to tenants (letters, notices, invoices, acts, claims and other correspondence);
  • coordination of the "lost and found", assistance in situations with.