Staff Leasing

Staff Leasing – a versatile tool for management of payroll budgets and quantity of personnel.
The application of this tool in the management may affect various functions and responsibilities. Typical tasks, for which Staff Leasing is used, are:

  • Increasing the number of employees, without exceeding staffing limitations
  • Increasing the privacy of wages for executive management
  • Improving the efficiency and reducing the operating costs of HR functions
  • Focusing on key business processes
  • Restructuring, increasing transparency of business, or IPO listing
  • Opening of the representative office

GP Group has extensive experience of project execution in various sectors of the market, our knowledge is combined into a portfolio of ready solutions for various types of tasks.

  • Transfer of responsibility for compliance with Ukrainian legislation with regard to both temporary and permanent staff, to GP Group, as a direct employer
  • Saving time spent on the execution of routine HR and management functions
  • Regular usage of current expertise on the innovations and changes in legislation, the use of knowledge base and established practical solutions
  • Audit and restoration of documentation
  • Increasing confidentiality of wages
  • Minimizing costs for business startup in Ukraine for foreign representative offices
  • Reducing risks of staff management

GP Group services: