Candidate Market Research

GP Group is a company that provides services for outsourcing of HR functions. Candidate Market Research is a BPO of selection processes on the stage of entering the open market in search of candidates. When after performing an incredible number of routine operations, you must select professionals that meet the formalized criteria from an avalanche of incoming information.
Ukrainian labor market, as do markets in any other location, has incredible mobility – professionals continue to develop, change their place of residence and place of work, receive training and acquire new knowledge, change compensation expectations and their motivation.
The process of search and screening is executed mostly by a method of selection and only on the final stages of recruitment procedures the pool of finalists that will go through the interview, in order to identify their exact skills and motivation to engage in the position, is determined. And the quality of pool of candidates depends solely on the performed routine process.
Recruiters, both external and internal are limited in their resources by the accuracy of industry expertise, by choice of candidates available in their databases or their networks. But the task they have is always the same: to select, motivate and recruit the very candidate – the single one, the best among all variety on the market, which would correspond to all requirements, would be successful in employing organization and the fit into the budget.
The task of Research – is to provide recruiters with timely, accurate and complete examination of the market professionals in a particular market segment of companies in the investigated function. The data contains information about potential candidates according to the formal and qualification criteria, motivational expectations.

  • Having a comprehensive and objective examination of all professionals within a given field of research
  • Absolutely transparent scheme of selection of candidates
  • Additional information about the market of candidates, taking into account industry trends and forecasts.
  • Formation of massive external candidates pool
  • Fast data collection


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